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Dotarch Devlogs

The Shift

Middle_Sand 2 weeks ago

First off, welcome to the Dotarch development blog. Here, I’ll be keeping you posted on development efforts and the general direction of Dotarch as a server and a company.

That being said, I am thrilled to officially announce the direction Dotarch is headed.

Dotarch began as a small group of friends, called NewCadia, assembled in spite of dramatic circumstances on another server. When I began developing Dotarch the Minecraft server, I did not expect it to become what it did and what it has grown into. I was sixteen when development began, and somehow with my friends built a server capable of not only delivering a nice gameplay experience but also sustaining itself for a time before I had a job to pay for it. I’m twenty now, with my dream job doing full-time development and innovating in my field. A big part of growing up between then and now was recognizing what is sustainable for me to do longer-term. Frankly put, Minecraft is… Minecraft. It’s constraining financially, and development-wise. A sandbox is just that, a sandbox, and my whole thing is breaking out of the box.

So that’s what I’m doing. Dotarch is pivoting towards game development as a studio, with the goal of pushing the boundaries of game design into unseen territory ala-Portal. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us, together.

The server will remain online as-is, with bugfixes, version updates, etc. permitting scheduling. At some point assuming success with game development, a paid team will be dedicated to maintaining the server. Stay tuned for updates soon